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Ocean Cleanup Autonomous System Pilot Project, Backhauling Bidding Algorithm

Posted by Alexander Karp | , United States

Consumer initiatives have increased awareness to reducing single use plastics, however these changes have had little impact on the total leakage of plastics into our oceans due to the complexities of our supply chains and industry pollution sources far from consumer visibility.
With plastics shown to be present in all living organisms, the result points towards the growing probability of novel pandemics affecting multiple species and therefore much more likely to have catastrophic consequences (1).

As civilizations grow, our governments have recognized the importance of continuously implementing more comprehensive sanitization infrastructure. From sewers to garbage collection, to street sweepers; we understand the inevitability of building long-term comprehensive Ocean cleanup infrastructure.

Unasyest Systems Association was created as a non-profit corporation to develop an integrated infrastructure system that re-organizes practical commercial systems into a self-organizing Ocean Cleanup Autonomous System (OCAS). This Ocean cleaning system uses a unique Energy Supply Algorithm, Autonomous Collecting, Autonomous Sorting and Autonomous Delivery Vessels to maximize efficiency and will remove garbage from our navigable waterways (oceans, shorelines, seafloors, estuaries, and river deltas) on a significant commercial scale for the lowest possible cost.

We estimate a single OCAS pilot can remove 800 tons of plastics from the ocean per week and up to 40,000 tons of plastic yearly. We estimate that it will take up to 250 OCASs to reverse the increasing trend of accumulating plastic garbage in the ocean by removing up to 9 million tons of plastic garbage per year.

Our business plan is based on partnering with developers of existing marine technologies, automation technologies, and communication technologies, which should be integrated and adjusted to the framework and design requirements of OCAS. This provides faster time to market and shares development costs.

With a top-level system approach, Unasyest Systems Association’s network of technology partners will have low-cost energy supplied to cleanup operations. This gives our partners the ability to engineer active cleaning systems for:
• Removing microplastics to large pieces of plastic,
• Cleaning garbage from the ocean surface to well below the surface of the ocean,
• Cleaning man-made pollution from the ocean floor and localized concentration zones such as estuaries and coves,
• Clean man-made pollution from sensitive habitats while protecting living organisms,
• Implementing technologies from other industries to address specific cleanup operations; for example, removing invasive species from sensitive habitats.

Unasyest is seeking partners and donations to help and support our mission to clean man-made pollution from the Earth’s Ocean Biosphere to protect humanities’ survival.

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