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Compostable Single Use Plastic… Great idea, but where do we put it?

Posted by Kaylie Finnis | , United States

Switching to single-use compostable items that are "PLA", doesn't solve the goal for countries to "ban single-use-plastic" if they aren't commercially composted and end up in our oceans or landfills.

Missing from the equation:
A.) enough certified facilities to handle commercial composting in communities where PLA is used
B.) consumer disposal solutions (commercial composting bins in public, for example, to prevent these from ending up in the landfill)
C.) education about end-of-use steps for PLA for consumer and food/beverage industry

1. To truly be zero-waste or plastic-free, I need scientists to develop food/beverage-safe compostable items that will deteriorate in a backyard compost bin or ocean without requiring to be 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. I need a small team to help communities, councils/governments to get the commercial composting facilities needed compost these items

3. National or International regulations should be in-place that these eco products offer directions on the cup to help educate the consumer, as well as play a big part in the assistance of on-site restaurant/cafe collection bins to be sent to the appropriate facilities. Many are already on board with this idea - they just don't have the commercial composting facilities available to deliver the end-of-use product.

4. Education - social media and the eco product containing instructions.

Living on Hawaii and in New Zealand, I have noticed the trend by both consumers and restaurants: "It's not plastic, it's compostable!" This is not an excuse to continue to use single-use packaging, and while we can educate the world to make decisions to bring their own mugs, utensils, straws... setting up more commercial composting facilities will help our oceans in more ways than one! Thank you for reading. IG @liquidkauai or @liquidmana

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